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Until you believe what you have been praying for enough to bring your actions into alignment with your prayer life, you will believe it but not receive it.

Intercession - The Lost Art!. What is Intercession. Difference between Praying and Intercession. How do we Intercede?

The provision for the Vision is firstly a matter of the Heart.

“ The Secret of the Fast “ - Fasting carries value seldom emphasized. In this message we highlight the hidden purpose and priority of Fasting.

We allow the crushing moments in our life to lean us into a posture of prayer, they would have the potential of producing something beautiful inside of us.

The root of deception.

The Difference is in what you do!

"‘First Love” is the difference between our relationship with God in black and white, or colour. When first love is lacking, our entire relationship with God is in jeopardy.

Waiting on God is key to overcoming the fears that defeat us. Looking deeper, reveals the presence of an absence that must be addressed, otherwise we cannot develop a real relationship with God.

Following Jesus is not making him the Co-pilot of our lives, he wants to be the Captain. For this to be a reality, a particular two probed fear must be overcome.

Staying in victory comes with benefits. What everyone wants, but few achieve.

How to take back what the devil stole. Part 1 “ The place of Victory “. Your mind is your primary battlefield. Any thought that you don’t take captive, will take you captive. And any thought you have not taken captive, has you captive.

Don’t ignore your ignorance! Revelation (From God) demands a response.

It’s the weaknesses, injuries and illnesses you carry on the inside that renders you as prey to the enemy.

Breaking fee of the lies Satan weaves about who we are and unlocking the truth about who God says we are.

God gives us significance by using us; He doesn’t use us because we are already significant.

What you wear reveals who you are & what you eat reveals how you got there.

Taking back what the devil stole from us!

The Power of sowing a seed.

When defeat is not an option, winning is a certainty.

You can’t sleep with the enemy and expect a sweet ever after.

When it comes to healing, it’s not limited to your body but also your soul. And you play the deciding role in the health of your soul Part 2.

When it comes to healing, it’s not limited to your body but also your soul. And you play the deciding role in the health of your soul.

The great Co-mission is not primarily a task to be accomplished, but a life to be aligned to God.

Giving discipleship Focus and creating Momentum without shortcuts to the process.

Sometimes God does not give comfort but Instruction. What we do with it determines our destiny.

The Apostle Paul had a fire that consumed him. A Passion that compelled him. It's fire, but not as we know it.

Not all you hear is God. Discernment is needed to keep us from deception.

Defining God’s voice and deliberately positioning ourselves to hear it.

What you pay attention to, determines who you are.

It's the inability to Hear and Discern God’s Voice that causes us to lose our way.

Jesus rarely comes wrapped up in the box that we expect. Don't miss out on divine moments because you expected something different.

We find ourselves when we find our Purpose.

Don't chase your Dream, chase your Purpose, and God will give you your dream.

You cannot be empty and also run. Keep your life-gauges in check and finish your race.

You don't mean business in prayer if you have no intention for God to use you to be part of the answer to the prayer.

The story of Gideon gives us a thumbnail sketch of the Plan of God for deliverance of his people against impossible odds

How not to give up when life gets hard.

We need to learn to love like we've never been hurt.

It's time to Shift our Focus and become deliberately distracted. 

You choose.
When you know it's your hour, you choose not to be distracted.

You choose.
When you know it's your hour, you choose not to be distracted.

When light stands next to darkness, light always wins.

When light stands next to darkness, light always wins.

God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.

Love was never meant to be hoarded, but passed on.

It's not so much that we need a new outpouring of God, as it is that we need an outpouring of You! 

More than any other factor, a Fathers presence in the family will determine a child's success or happiness.

What does God want you to give up, to let Him in?

Part 3 of our series, It's all in the Connection.

It's all in the Connection.

Meet and Greet with the Leaders of Realife Church

Drawing closer to God, where are you now & what you can do to walk more closely with Jesus.

Our Fruitfulness is contingent on our ongoing connections - vital to who we are as Believers. 

God cares deeply about the work that you do. If you risk your job for his calling you may just find your dream job

All Building is prophetic. 
How, and on what you build will determine the prophetic outcome of your life.

"Why do I need to be saved?"
Salvation is not Gods nice idea. It is the deepest, most urgent need of the human soul.

Seeing the truth of the Glory of Jesus makes us candidates for Grace-upon Grace.

The why's? behind the what? of Evangelism

An encouraging message from our Missions Pastor Allan Herman

A faith few attain but will render you invincible, leaving the devil scratching his head

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