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God showed up yet again this week! After last week’s conclusion of the ‘Christianity’s Toughest Questions’ series – the entirety of which you can find here to have your inquiring mind put to peace on important existential issues – we were refreshed with a new message.

This week in Realife, God revealed Himself through the songs and the conversations and the early morning coffees prepared by our Heaven-sent baristas (one of the very, very many reasons we worship God is that caffeine exists!).Then, we were inspired by a message on obedience, entitled, ‘One More Step.’

Our stupendous Ps. Emmanuel illuminated the story of Jesus’ first ever miracle: turning jars filled with water into jars of the finest quality wine to accommodate the guests at a wedding, recounted in John 2. Such a feat seems ridiculous, and is physically impossible. The servants involved in this supernatural event must have been very sceptical when Jesus told them to fill the jars with ordinary water with no explanation of whatever was about to happen. But did they refuse? Jesus had never performed a miracle before. No one could attest to Him being able to enact wonders. But:

‘You don’t have to worry about the outcome, you don’t have to worry about the miracle, you don’t have to worry about the impossible… You have to worry about the next step: obedience. The servants… because of their obedience in the next step… experienced the miracle.’

To find out what Ps E meant by ‘the next step,’ get more context on the story and find out how we can apply it to our own lives, click here.

Capped off with another round of family conversations and very genuinely blessed hearts all around, we said goodbye to another Sunday in anticipation of an even better one next time. We hope to see you there!

Emma W