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Realife is a church discontent with simply believing. We want to connect people to God and to one another so that when people are alone, they don’t feel lonely. We want to live our lives accordingly, as a family unit where everyone is welcome as they are, and we want to know why we believe what we believe.

Because of this, our brilliant Pastor Emmanuel Gullo’s message this week asked the question, ‘Did Jesus rise from the dead? And if so, what are the implications for us?’ This was the last preaching of a seven-week series which has been asking and answering the most challenging and important concerns society has about our faith. You can hear the series here.

This service was opened, as always, with worshipful music. This was not a performance. The musicians weren’t trying to be a ‘band’ – they were singing praises to the God they have faith in. Every note was directed heavenward, and every lyric originated from the message of the Bible. This happens every week, but God forbid it become a mundane ritual. We aren’t about religion. We’re about salvation.

Between this and the message, a few select and precious individuals were prayed for and encouraged. Families were given words of prophesy, hurting mothers were given blessing… And all arms in the room were outstretched towards them in a powerful symbol of unity.

There was also a lot of fellowship proceeding all of this. When we say ‘fellowship,’ we don’t mean people standing in a circle and speaking Christianese. All our fellowship after the service involves – as it did this week – is people chatting over a coffee (or juice or something, if you prefer). Enquiring about health and family. Giving hugs. Smiling. Helping and encouraging.

This was the essence of the week’s service. Next week will be bigger and better, and the week after that, and the week after that!

Hope to see you soon,

Emma W

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